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ESG Management

In 2020, we formally established the Baidu Environmental, Social and Governance Committee (referred to as ESG Committee). Consisting of senior management and external consultants, the ESG Committee advises the Board of Directors on sustainable development issues and develops ESG goals and roadmaps to address concerns from stakeholders and international community, enhancing our brand value and competitiveness. 

Under the ESG committee, there is an ESG working group with members from Corporate Social Responsibility Department, Investor Relations Department, Human Resources Department, and Legal Affairs and Risk Management Department. ESG committee will combine related business lines and functional departments together to establish and improve risk management mechanisms, ensure effective communication with our stakeholders, and together improve the ESG performance of Baidu.

At the same time, to better reflect Baidu's understanding of sustainable corporate development, as well as our confidence and determination to build a sustainable business model, from 2020, Baidu will release Environmental, Social and Governance Report (referred to as ESG Report) on an annual basis. Baidu takes an open, transparent, and realistic attitude to achieve sustainable and lasting progress in ESG performance.