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Baidu AI Xunren Reunites 12,000 Families
Baidu AI Xunren has completed 436,800 face recognition cases with an accuracy rate of 99.7%, helping 12,074 lost people reunite with their families.
Baidu Health Wins the 2021 Edison Awards
The 2021 Edison Awards Gala was held in Florida, the USA on April 22. “Ask Doctor” of Baidu Health was honored the 2021 Edison Awards.
Baidu Ranks No.3 among Internet Cloud Service Providers in Greenpeace’s Clean Cloud 2021
On April 21, Greenpeace released the Clean Cloud 2021 Tracking Renewable Energy Use in China’s Tech Industry. Baidu ranked No.3 in the Internet cloud computing service industry and No.1 in the performance of renewable energy usage.
Baidu's Latest Research Results on “AI + Talent Management” Published in Nature Communications
Recently, Baidu’s latest research on “AI + Talent Management” was published in Nature Communications.
Baidu releases a bimonthly report of comprehensive governance of information security, removing...
Baidu recently released a bimonthly report on the comprehensive governance of information security in January and February.
Baidu and DEFCON Hold the World’s First VR Geek Conference
On March 20, Baidu Security and DEFCON held the world’s first online all VR geek conference DEF CON CHINA Party.
Baidu reaches strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Consumer Council for quality improvement of c...
Recently, Baidu has reached strategic cooperation with Shenzhen Consumer Council to improve the quality of consumption.
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