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Our Practices
Information security and data privacy are of great importance in the digital economy. We follow the core value of “Compliance and Innovation” and continue to strengthen our self-discipline and self-supervision in data use and protection. Our focus on “Compliance” guides us to put users' interests first by championing the legal red line of data privacy protection and the bottom line of our values while our “Innovation” ethos inspires us to explore cutting-edge technology to better safeguard data and privacy. Baidu strictly abides by the Cybersecurity Law of the People's Republic of China and other applicable laws and regulations. Our internal rules and systems include the Baidu Information Security Redlines, the Baidu Information and Product Security Punishment Measures, the Baidu User Product Risk Management Standard, the Baidu Data Security Strategies, supported by perfect technical safety measures and self-supervision mechanism. Together, we provide users with an environment where “information is protected, choices are respected, and services are valuable”. Our policies pertaining to data privacy protection apply to all our subsidiaries and branches.