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Baidu Releases Its Environmental, Social, and Governance
(ESG) Policy

Recently, Baidu has formulated and released the Baidu Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Policy (hereinafter referred to as thePolicy). The Policy aims to demonstrate that Baidu has been dedicating to operating and managing its business in a sustainable manner and achieving sustainability by integrating ESG strategies and systems into all its business operations. The Policy is also designed to ensure that the ESG management and performance of the company meet the increasingly demanding requirements and expectations of the capital markets where Baidu is listed.

At present, Baidu has developed a series of policies and guarantee systems related to sustainable development. The Policy, as a general guiding system, directs and complements other relevant standards and regulations of the company, which include the corporate code of conduct and regulations for human rights, environment, health and safety, information security, anti-corruption, and business ethics.

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