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Greening Our Business

Baidu actively integrates sustainability into every aspect of our daily operation and management. We improve energy efficiency and reduce waste emissions through systematic, scientific management and optimization, without affecting the work and life of our employees.

Our range of sustainability policies and solutions includes the Baidu Technology Park Energy Management System, Baidu Building Water Saving Guidelines, the Operational Energy-Saving Plan for Baidu Buildings, Equipment and Facilities, and energy-saving solution for Central Air-Conditioning and Ventilation Systems, Power Distribution Equipment and Facilities, Escalator Installations, and Water Supply and Drainage Facilities.

Resource utilization

Baidu is committed to strictly implementing relevant regulations on energy and water resources management, actively promoting sustainable development and resource conservation among employees, creating a culture receptive to energy conservation and consumption reduction, and actively responding to the national call for green offices, energy conservation and emission reduction.

Baidu insists on the scientific management of the use of water, electricity, natural gas, gasoline, and other resources. Statistics are recorded in dedicated ledgers. To further regulate consumption and ensure that it is effectively controlled, a monthly report analyzes differences in consumption and determines optimization measures.

Baidu introduced an international, standardized energy and environmental management system to keep improving our environmental performance in Baidu offices. Our property manager Anxinhang Property Management holds ISO 14001:2015 environmental management certification. The ISO 50001:2018 energy management system certification of our headquarter in Beijing has entered the expert review stage.

In 2020, Baidu introduced the Water Resources Management Policy . This requires optimization for all water use and aims to achieve maximum benefits with minimum investment. We have built three sets of rainwater collection tanks in the Baidu Technology Park, with a combined capacity of 1,400m³. The rainwater collected is used for the irrigation of the park. With the increased precipitation in 2020, the amount was increased by 1,000m3 compared with the year before. Meanwhile, Baidu improved our electricity efficiency and increased our use of renewable energy.

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Managing waste

Baidu’s Beijing headquarter monitors and records the amount of waste generated by category and transferred them to the corresponding waste treatment agency. Domestic waste is transferred to a waste treatment plant for incineration and power generation. Kitchen waste is transferred to the Dynagreen waste treatment plant for anaerobic fermentation, which turns the waste into high calorific energy. Hazardous waste is transferred to specialized treatment facilities for harmless treatment.

Electronic products scrapped from our daily operations and office work are passed to vendors with recycling credentials. Some reusable devices are sold on the secondhand market, which recycles resources while reducing the emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants created by waste treatment. In 2020, we disposed of approximately 9,900 laptops, monitors, desktop computers, cell phones, projectors, and other electronic devices.

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