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Responding to Climate Change

Extreme weather and climate events such as snowstorms, typhoons, and heavy rainfall have become more intense, frequent, and lasting. Their effects include power supply interruption and urban flooding. These pose a great risk to assets such as our IDCs. Accordingly, we actively identify climate change risks and formulate responses to them. 

To cope with the impact caused by extreme weather and ensure business continuity, Baidu has developed emergency procedures for extreme climate scenarios. These include regular emergency drills for six extreme scenarios: public health incident, earthquake, typhoon, fire, personnel adjustment, and safety accident. Our preparedness measures include decentralized server rooms and off-site backup of important systems and business data. The aim is to ensure uninterrupted service in the event of emergencies. 

Our Baidu AI Cloud platform has earned ISO 22301 business continuity management system certification for a fifth consecutive year. It effectively ensures the continuity of cloud service business and provides a complete, convenient, and secure infrastructure for the intelligent industry.