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Baidu's Latest Research Results on “AI + Talent Management” Published in Nature Communications

Recently, Baidu’s latest research on “AI + Talent Management” was published in Nature Communications, a top international journal, with a paper entitled “Market-oriented Job Skill Valuation with Cooperative Composition Neural Network.”

The research pioneered a data-driven approach to explore the relationship between salary and job skill value assessment through machine learning techniques. It is valuable and influential for the building of the rational and fair social labor value distribution mechanism, social labor security, intelligent recruitment and precise employment, personalized vocational education, and other fields.

The research was done by Baidu in collaboration with the Institute of Computing Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, University of Science and Technology of China, and Rutgers University. This research, as a significant achievement of university-enterprise and industry-academia-research cooperation, its innovation and application value have also been highly appreciated by the review experts and editorial board.

Currently, the algorithms have been applied in Baidu’s intelligent recruitment products to scientifically evaluate resumes and achieve person-post matching. Besides, Baidu aims to address the recruitment needs of different scenarios and industries by providing intelligent recruitment solutions to help companies to realize the intelligence and digitization of recruitment management.

Applying big data and AI technology into talent management has become the mainstream of future global enterprise management. Taking its inherent advantages in big data and AI, Baidu has created the world’s first comprehensive solution for intelligent talent management since 2015, promoting the orientation shift from experience-oriented to big data and intelligence-oriented.

With talent considered as Baidu's most important asset and resource, Baidu will always keep exploring in talent recruitment, reserve, training and development to improve the company’s sustainability.

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