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Baidu Personal Information and Privacy Protection Measures

I. Baidu Privacy Protection Policy

Baidu upholds the privacy protection principles of "informed consent, minimal sufficiency, user experience, and security guarantee" to ensure users have the right to be informed, decide, access, correct, supplement, , portability, and the right to demand explanations regarding their personal information. Baidu strictly complies with the "Peoples Republic of China Information Protection Law" and other legal regulations and industry standards of the locations where it operates. It has established a privacy policy system covering all business lines and products, guided by the "General Principles of Baidus Privacy Policy." This system clarifies the reasons for personal information collection, its scope, applicable permissions, and the security protection processes, as well as the handling of violations. In 2023, Baidu formulated the "ERNIE Bot Personal Privacy Protection Policy," which adopts the "minimization" principle to collect, use, store, and transmit user information.

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II. Third-Party Privacy Protection

Regarding third-party data management, all data provided by Baidu is strictly for the purpose of completing the service required, and there is no situation where personal information is rented, sold, or provided to third parties for functions beyond completing transactions/services.

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III. Protection of Minors

For the protection of minors privacy, Baidu has formulated and published the "Baidu Minor Personal Information Protection Statement," requiring all businesses and products to collect personal information only after obtaining user consent. It grants children and their guardians the right to access, correct and supplement, withdraw consent, , deregister, copy and portability rights, and the right to obtain explanations. For large model category products, such as ERNIE Bot, we have also set up specific privacy protection policies to protect the privacy and security of minors.