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Baidu Content Governance Initiatives

As Chinas largest search service provider, Baidu steadfastly adheres to its mission of "using technology to make the complex world simpler." Continuously improving the search experience and recommendation quality, Baidu offers high-quality and reliable products and services to its users. Embracing the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, Baidu remembers its social responsibilities as a platform. By building a comprehensive content governance management system and leveraging advanced AI technology, Baidu cultivates a clear and healthy internet content ecosystem, striving to protect the rights of every user.

I. Content Governance of Products

Governance Philosophy 

Baidu strictly follows all applicable laws and regulations, as well as international norms regarding the legality and necessity of governing illegal information, governing the content of information publicly disseminated by all platforms. While adhering to governance principles, Baidu balances governance with users freedom of expression, respect diversity of culture, content, and viewpoints, maintains the right of creators on the platform to publish, and ensures users fundamental freedom of speech and access to information.

Governance Standards

Baidu develops content management systems covering all its business lines, including the Baidu Content Ecology Management Standards, Baidu User Product Risk Control Red Line Standards, and Baidu Child Personal Information Protection Statement, based on national laws and regulations on content safety and ecosystem governance. Moreover, Baidu formulates product content standard management systems like Safety Audit Standards, optimizing these standards based on feedback from business lines, users, and industry organizations, and regularly updates the standard sample library.

Governance System

Baidu has established a full lifecycle control system for product content governance that combines machine and manual reviews. This system continually strengthens the content ecology governance process across all Baidu business lines, technically filters and precisely identifies violations, intensifies the handling of illegal and undesirable information, and maintains a healthy and ly Baidu content ecosystem.

Governance Audit

Baidu regularly conducts special audits on content governance, deeply exploring and promptly resolving issues in the content governance processes of various business lines, optimizing audit processes, and ensuring governance strategies and processes match rapidly evolving social dynamics. Special risk control mechanisms are set up for governance work involving sensitive information like pornography and criminal activities, quickly identifying and blocking the spread of such illegal information, reducing users risk of encountering harmful information, and maintaining a clean content ecosystem.

Governance Methods

Baidu has built a full lifecycle control system for product content governance, establishing comprehensive content ecology governance processes to handle publicly disseminated illegal information.

  • Machine Review of Content: Initially filtering through machines, using AI models for high match accuracy against violations, and directly filtering samples identified as violations.
  • Manual Review of Content: Conducting manual reviews on content that machines find challenging to judge, enhancing the accuracy of reviews.
  • Appeal Mechanism: Disposal opinions are communicated to users via internal messages, granting them the right to appeal. Each appeal is reviewed individually, with a 100% review completion rate.

Governance Content

Baidu, through AI content detection and information extraction technologies, has uncovered dozens of intelligence clues related to "grey and black industries,"involving impersonation scams, internet call scams, overseas gambling,pornography, and money laundering across various regions, aiding law enforcement in investigating fraud crimes. In the harmful information identification stage, Baidu uses image sample black libraries, keyword sample libraries, and related model strategies to identify and filter harmful information about minors, while banning accounts that publish related violations. In preventing harmful information, Baidu conducts protection campaigns for minors across multiple products, including Baidu Search, Baidu Tieba, Baidu APP, and Haokan Video, advocating for increased protection for minors and dealing with content involving illegal activities in cooperation with law enforcement.

AI-Assisted Content Governance

As the worlds largest Chinese search engine and a super platform connecting hundreds of millions of users, Baidu faces a massive demand for search daily, carrying vast amounts of information. Therefore, Baidu is committed to using AI technology for precise and efficient governance of illegal content. For high-adversity scenarios that bypass content reviews, Baidu, based on the Wenxin large model, integrates text content safety detection technology to improve and upgrade traditional NLP models, employing more potent technologies to more accurately identify text variants and homophonic variants.

II. Commercial Content Governance

Through the commercial content management system of "AI machine review + manual re-inspection + manual inspection", Baidu has formed a full-link review process of "pre-event monitoring - mid-event interception - post-event traceability", and built its own commercial promotion content management system, at the same time strictly abide by the laws and regulations of the place where it operates, such as the Advertising Law of the Peoples Republic of China, the Anti-Unfair Competition Law of the Peoples Republic of China, and the Interim Administrative Measures for Internet Advertising, and formulate the "Baidu Commercial Advertising Management Requirements" to regulate food Advertising placement in many industries such as , health, chemical energy, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, real estate and home furnishings, luggage and clothing, games, software, etc. has been strictly regulated to guide daily management work.

Table: Baidu Advertising Control Requirements (Excerpt)

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III.User rights protection

As a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact, Baidu promises to follow the ten principles, formulated the "Baidu Human Rights System", and invites partners and suppliers to follow it. Baidu actively takes various measures to respect and protect the rights of users, builds a rights and interests balancing mechanism of individual empowerment, platform responsibility and state supervision, proactively and effectively implements human rights protection in content governance, and creates a healthy and good Internet environment....

Table: User rights protection mechanism 

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