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Carbon Neutrality and Environmental Impact Training

Baidu provides employees with online training programs on issues such as sustainability and climate actions. The training in provided and accessible to all regular employees, interns, outsourced employees and contract workers.

"Du Xuetang", Baidus online training platform, provides courses pertaining to the topics of carbon neutrality, energy conservation, emission reduction and etc. The courses offer in-depth analysis of both the companys and national carbon neutrality goals, various carbon mitigation and clean energy implementation methodologies, to help employees fully understand and grasp the opportunity of energy transformation and the strategic climate actions under the context of technology breakthroughs and AI generation.

According to the views of these course videos, the total number of employees participating in carbon neutral courses: 59.45%; Total employees participating in energy conservation and emission reduction courses: 60.00%.

Attached: Screenshot of the page with views of some of the courses offered:

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